Bucket Regatta Trip 2016

This trip was something we'd not done before: a full house, using all three bedrooms with all of us at our Flamands Blue. Caroline and I invited our good friends Bill and Susan from Phily. They've vacationed at our villa several times before over the years and came down a week prior....sent us this beautiful "teaser" pic from the deck.

They spent the next four nights with us, with Sancere in the frig when we arrived. Along, too was our may-as-well-be daughter, Heidi from Chicago, on her 5th trip---who's now "addicted" to St Barth she tells us.

Some of you may remember her as one of the "Big Girls" and cliff jumper on the trip with sister back in '12.

Heidi & Julie Sisters' Trip May, 2012

First night we all went to 25 Quarter in Gustavia which was very good---we'd all really looked forward to this trip and the company was outstanding! The three of us on the right had been going since about 4am....no problem, we were on vacation!

Next was a lunch and spa day for the ladies at Isle de France (still call it that) which many believe is the best on the island. Staff at their spa remains the same from year to year and is quite attentive.

Wonderful next day on the boat---excellent company (Jeanette, Dennis and Diana were in our group, too) viewing the gorgeous Bucket Regatta racing yachts, ending with lunch/drinks and swimming at beautiful Colombier.

A day simply does not get any better than this and our skipper could not have made things finer, either.

Skipper put out the paddleboard, some of us tried-----it's little harder than it looks.

Next morning Heidi made us all this tasty breakfast vegetarian frittata....Mimosas, along with the company and our views were so nice to share.

Afterward, we walked down to spend a lazy afternoon at Hotel Tiawana with a perfect lunch then swimming and napping in their lounges.

We've found the management here to be very accommodating at this beautiful setting on the beach.

Snapped this pic as we were leaving...I contemplated waking her but I asked my friend Bill who advised to let her sleep. It was that kind of day....later she woke and walked back up to the villa.

Bill and Susan told us we had to have the fish sandwich here at O'Corial----it along with French fries and Caribs were SO, good!

A local, long-time folk singer here sings one with words "I go to bed now when I used to go out".
After dinner with us, Heidi met friends & went out to Le Ti or BAZ most nights.
Thanks also to Jeanette & Dennis for looking out for her.

A chill day for us, but Heidi went rock climbing next morning & swimming near the natural pools.

Our fine dining experience and it did not disappoint, whatsoever. Our finest meal along with the ambiance & service, an establishment that simply does everything right.

This day we all went for a long lunch at Do Brazil and swim/relax down on the beach.
Friend and Manager David took great care of us, as always.

Heidi's last day she and Caroline planned another spa massage. I met them afterward for Rose down on the plage. The result....do these ladies look relaxed and happy or what?

Does this vacation have to be over??
Heidi left a day before us and took this beautiful last morning walk down Flamands.

After we took Heidi to the airport, I spent the afternoon with some ongoing maintenance. Good friend DDA stopped by to help with a new (US/Euro interface issue) kitchen faucet omitted from last fall's new counter work. Later that evening we had dinner with he and Diana at Eddy's.

Love this one, even though it was a busy vacation, my wife certainly looks like she has the "St Barts Glow" coming out of the sea with Heidi on Flamands Beach.

We've had so many wonderful ones on St Barth in the last 20 years (15 at our villa) but this one will be remembered as one of our best, ever.

Flamands Blue