Mitch and Gretchen's Honeymoon

We went to St Barths back in march 2008 with gretchens parents, but didnt get to experience the romantic aspect of the island. After seeing flammands blue we just knew this was the place to celebrate nuptials.

Here is an amazing photo of the aircraft carrier sized landing strip for which St Barths is known for......piece of cake!

Not a bad thing to see first thing in the morning, the views from the villa were simply breathtaking.

A view from the nicest paved road on the island, heading down to Governeur beach. This is a great place to snorkel (left side), swim or just sun yourself.

You could tell it was 8:12am when the sun finally came over this beautiful mountain across from the villa.

Another delicious and inexpensive lunch from la petite columbe bakery right up the road from the villa....a touch of Provencal rose to wash it down.

A shot of the villa from the horse farm across the street...notice the color of the shutters, looks like the color of the ocean....brilliant!

The rugged winward side, great hiking and views, but not a good place to swim.

An incredible hike right next to the ultra posh hotel Toiny....if you look really close you can see the tiny trail wrap around the point.


This is not the front page of the church of latter day saints pamphlet....just another almost perfect sunset at Carl Qustav.

Something for the folks to put in a frame.

Nice shot from the backside trail to Colubier beach...the beach on the back right is Flammands. It looks harmless but has a nasty undertow and rip, so be careful.

Really neat lava rocks on Columbier....I felt like a National Geographic photographer, the beauty of the island makes it easy.

Incredible sunset at Corossol the sleepy fishing village. 

Wifey soaking it all in.

We waited all week for this shot, slowly driving around the circle above the airport.....sick! 

Our small furry friends out near Grand Fond, we actually saw a goat on the green mountain across from the villa, so cute.

Right near the famed "Washing Machine"... great hike with jaw dropping views and huge drop-offs.

We were having some sunset sancerre at do brasil on Shell Beach while this nice couple was getting married....not a bad backdrop for a ceremony.

Final sunset at Shell Beach, of course gretchen had to show off her glass or pinot noir and her bling.

We had the best time on St Barths 11/28 thru 12/5. The island is charming, the villa beautiful and affordable and of course the free tour guide Jeff made travelling and navigating a breeze. Already starting saving for a return in 2010!!