Caroline and Jeff... Owner's Vacation

Near the end of a challenging year, we were more than ready for a little St. Barth relaxation & "romantique" villa parties/get togethers this trip...just us...boring was OK. 

FIRST MORNING Island is green, Caroline admiring her views before giving me her order for the bakery.

One of my favorite ladies on St.Barth, the always good natured Dominique at Petite Colombe above Flamands.


One happy camper... afternoon shade, toes in the sand.

FACT: my friend Rodrigue Aubin, Senior Winair Station Mgr (his 20th year) is the MOST under-appreciated man on St. Barts. He informs me their fleet is up to full strength.


Pre-trip my wife was PROMISED just a SINGLE DAY of construction at Flamands Blue---almost worked out that way... Left over from my October trip was replacement of the large vent fan housing--the last original item in our kitchen. Came across a very sleek one that would work better. Bob Villa would be proud---my SB carpenter fabricated this piece pefrectly to accomodate this freestanding unit---turned out better than I imagined with the curved corners. Started in the morning---returned in the afternoon---"voila"! It's US 110V so I had the electrician re-wire but future maintenance a breeze.

Last thing were a couple of crisp & sturdy nightstands for the 3rd bedroom from IKEA my guys put together.

WHERE YOUR SB TRASH GOES: Job complete: Caroline a trooper, put up with me and the workers--here, moving about the dump trucks and checking for the right bins. Europcar knows not to give us a "new" car.

SPA: happily married people know this...making it up to sweet my wife for infringing on her precious vacation days, surprise treat was Gustav's "couples massage" w/gorgeous lunch special...did this charge for the views and complimentary wine. Most important, wife is happy, you can guess the rest.

Wall House: Tatin father/son team doing an excellent presentation and a great value too. Our "fresh catch" was very good.

Walking down from Flamands Blue to dinner on our new sidewalk to Case de' Isle @ Hotel Isle de France.

L'Isola : Over the top Italian dining with good friends.

Lunch next afternoon at our villa. Fresh veggie salad from Primatilles: view, chilled Blanc Bordeaux, gourmet fish much better does this get? Someone explain to me why ONLY Americans take a bag for next days' lunch? 

Favorite wine place, Guillaume "Gee-home" advising an intent Caroline---his 16th year here---we were trying to match a very good bottle from our friend Dennis Carlton. He helped explain as well why some (esp the young people) prefer Rose.'

We exercise daily (no gym air on SB) photos off the trail by Toiny. Breathtaking views, take care not to twist an ankle on those craggly rocks---over that hill a great place to watch the sunrise.


Island Music:
These may be the best bands we've listened to all these years. Papagayo (twice) at Do Brazil and Adam Falcon at the BAZ.

A couple of our favorite construction projects:
the new Quay (harbor walkway)--beautiful stonework--great when walking town & worth the 2.5m E's, plus the new road to Gouvanier Beach.


One of the happiest couples on St.Barth? 
Do Brazil: last evening of a wonderful vacation, you can almost touch the sea, nice music, dinner and sound of the surf---we're not really rhum drinkers but this night we made an exception---then back for a dip in the hot tub. Certainly a much rejeuvenated wife than the one who signed out her hospital pager 10 days prior to this pic.

Near the end of the trip, an morning view---ocean perfectly flat.

A last early morning beach walk.

A quick trip to pick up supplies per the housekeeper's list---new Guests arriving that afternoon.

We plan to return in spring---hope you all enjoy our favorite place as much as we do!