Caroline and Jeff... Owner's Vacation

Relaxing vacation to our favorite island….a couple of days of routine maintenance prior to my wife’s arrival.   Nice to meet our villa Guests:  “next” generation St. Barts on their 2nd trip to Flamands Blue, treated them dinner at LeRepaire and saw them off the next day.

Invited to a party for new Gendarmes at Fort Oscar on top of Gustavia    This facility, which is normally closed to the public, is HQ for our Police Nationale -- who provide security here.  It was a great time and the views of the harbor were awesome.   Found these troops to be charming, fit, smart, no-nosense types---with the coolest “salute” (along with side slap) of any military forces.  There I met Gendarme Mattieu, who graciously came up the villa a couple of days later to greet my wife Caroline.


Gorgeous of the reasons we love this place. Spent a LOT of time on the plages of: Flamands (new sidewalk right from our villa---all road construction last summer complete and nicely done), along with Gouvanier and Shell Beach for swimming in the afternoons.

Relaxed wife about 1/2 way into our trip---in "beach mode".

Hiked out to beautiful and uninhabited Colombier beach for excellent snorkeling.  
The entire length of the pathway through the nature area has been improved and is maintained by the Collectivity of St. Barth. 

Dining: Wall House, Eddy's. LeRepaire, LeSereno, Santa Fe, L'Entracte and Kifi Massai, Do Brazil---along with carry out from Kiki Mo and Maya's to Go.

Wall House with friends----Owner's Franck and Bernard as usual do a wonderful meal, presentation and service ---my wife got to chat a little science with my friend Mark's girlfriend Elke, another Doc.

Very nice lunch at Le Sereno---tied with Santa Fe for best. Beautiful ambiance and place to linger by the beach with chairs and a pool.

Batteries re-charged?   Absolutely... another wonderful vacation we are fortunate to have.

Last morning----my wife says "let's add another day to our next St. Barts vacation"

take care, and have great trips this season.