Andy and Lindsay's First Trip to SBH - And Engagement!

This was our first trip to SBH, and it will definitely be a memorable one.

Day -1
Went to check in for our flight 24hrs in advance, only to realize that my passport had expired last month!! Panic set in, but thankfully living in NYC anything is possible and 5 hours later I had a new passport in my hand.

Day 1
We arrived into SXM on Wednesday in a downpour, and headed over to catch the Great Bay Express. Stopped raining for our ride over, but the seas were pretty heavy. Lindsay and I sat on the top deck and managed to get soaked head to toe from waves coming over the bow, but we loved every minute of it. Guys from Yannis Marine were sitting up against the wheelhouse staying dry and laughing at us enjoying getting blasted by waves. We didn’t care, and it was way better than sitting in an office.

Aurelian from Flamands Blue met us at the port in Gustavia with the Europcar representative who had our Jeep in the parking lot. Aurelian led us to Flamands Blue, and showed us around the villa. It was as beautiful as Jeff and all other guests described.

Headed to dinner at Le Repaire which was a fantastic start to a week of great meals. 

Day 2
Woke up to grey skies due to the Tropical Depression in the area. Not to let some grey clouds ruin our day, we went to La Petite Colombe (a daily ritual) for some pastries and coffees.

Jumped in the Jeep and headed out to get acquainted with the island. Drove all the way around the island stopping at several different beaches: 


And a quick bite at Do Brazil:

Followed by a few more beaches:

That night we headed to Santa Fe for a great dinner. Unfortunately we are not big on taking pictures at dinner, as don’t like for other people to have flashes going off around them. But the meal was fantastic.

Day 3
Woke up to another cloudy day, but headed out to Columbier for the day. We headed out early and had a great hike out to the beach. Took the route from Flamands:

Lindsay loved these rock formations:

We were the first ones on the beach:

After spending the day on the beach, Lindsay was resting on the rocks looking out to the water when I sneaked up behind her and put a ring in front of her:

She was surprised and happy, to say the least.

Headed into St. Jean for a bite to eat at The Hideaway:


And a walk down St. Jean beach:

That night we ate at Le Gaiac to celebrate. The meal and service was amazing:

Amuse bouche and appetizers (King Crab Salad, and Crispy Crawfish):

Lindsay had the Grilled Turbot and I had the Veal Chop. No pictures but amazing dishes.

Day 4
The sun was out and shining after a few days of clouds and sporadic rain. Off to see the beaches in the sun:
First stop Gouverneur (squall out on the ocean in the 3rd picture):

A quick stop at the Saline flats until the storm moved in:

And a picnic at Grand Fond:

Then a little relaxation at Flamands Blue before dinner:


Headed up to the lookout point at Columbier for sunset (first one of the trip):

Then had a delicious dinner at Eddy’s – Was Lindsay’s favorite place

Day 5
Woke up early this morning to go hike out to the Natural Pools. This was probably one of our favorite experiences of the trip. As those who have been there, pictures really don’t do any justice to the magnificence of the setting.


After returning from the hike back, we headed to Saline to spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sun and a great lunch at Le Grain de Sel:

On our way back to Flamands Blue we stopped above Gustavia to take some pictures of the town:


Day 6
Decided to make our last full day, a day of our favorites. So we woke up early, picked up a picnic lunch from La Petite Columbe and headed back to Columbier for the day:

Lindsay’s obligatory ring picture:

And another great dinner at Eddy’s followed by a quick dip in the hot tub at Flamands Blue.

Day 7 – Departure Day
Woke up at 7:00am and walked down to Flamands Beach for a quick swim before heading off to catch the Great Bay Express back to St. Maarten:

And one last peek at Columbier where we got engaged:

Thanks again to Jeff and Caroline for letting us stay at their beautiful villa. Flamands Blue is a great place and Jeff is incredibly helpful in planning a first trip to the island.