Owners trip - Jeff & Caroline

Early April is a nice time, not as crowded as March, before Easter rush this year.
I was down a few days prior to Caroline---flew SBC out of Grand Case and she on Winair. Friends at WA tell me they are focused in the SBH-SXM route exclusively with this fine aircraft (BN Islanders have retired) which have been in service since the 60's. Production of DH Twin Otters stopped in the late 80's and recently resumed.

First night I attended the Wimco party at Wall House---across the harbor Jimmy Buffett himself opened Les Volies festivities.

Met LindaP and her husband Bill who invited me for sunset drinks at the Carl Gustav.

Prior Guest left something important that that our housekeeper had out for me, so I went to see the always good natured Sarah at FedEx.
38E and 48 hrs later in was at their Manhattan address...

I was of course doing little maintence items prior to my wife's arrival. Caulking which lasts 10+ years back home is good about 1/2 that in the Caribbean. Corian, like the shower threashold is wonderful here.

I often do things like this myself, but the plumber was by so I asked if he'd mind replacing the white faucet with a cool stainless one one to match the rest----like most other things at Flamands Blue is a US retrofit.

Yikes...he snapped the main fitting, which entailed a couple trips to the supply and an expert discussion between the three of us on the Euro-metic/US interface. 
A "solution" as the French say was found, admittedly I love this stuff.


Voila---project complete---"for now" according to my wife..


Life is good---Caroline in on time, first night at Eddie's---then up early for a walk down to "her" plage...I wanted to take time to show her all the minor improvements but...it was..I'll see it later, "let's get the beach".
With a dancer's stride, does she have the "I'm ready to be on vacation" look or what?

Flamands "crowded" that morning with something like 6 people---we spend a LOT of time in the ocean this trip.


As usual with any of the races---big guys were out of the harbor---we viewed this one off our terrace making passes arround the island.


Les Volies is a real party---a large bar and stage with activites every evening---my friend, the affable former Wall House co-owner Franck Mathevet was in charge and running things quite well---note his very cool shirt which changed for all the bartenders every evening.

Sponsors sold them here and many about were sporting them.


Like Bucket some had parties on board as well and masts were lit.


A pretty fleet with several classes---my favorite was the vintage catagory.
One thing I noticed at Bucket, however, was they do a better, more sophisticated job in handicapping the boats so they come across the finish line close to the same time.


Very large movie screen with video of the days races, which was awesome.


We're not really party/drinking types but LesVolies does indeed ROCK! 
Seemed a younger, hipper, more fun/sporting vibe (race vs. regatta) in contrast to Bucket in my opinion. Yachts are smaller.

We sailed with Linda and Bill on Jicky Marine's nice Cat to watch some of the saiboat racing, but when it was decided we could not catch these fast yachts, we went over for a swim to Colombier instead---weather perfect/ocean SO flat---note water color.
Wife always enjoys this....

Our skipper took us along the cliffs to see birds, too.

Very nice day on the water among friends---Hugo, our neighbor's son joined us as well.

No airshow, beautiful closing fireworks over the harbor.

Fleet was gone and everything knocked down by Monday---Quay was pretty trashed in the morning but being St.Barts---it was cleaned perfectly that afternoon.


We had a few very nice lunches out---Gustav for lunch/couples massage, Hotel Christoper and another favorite with our seculded beach chairs here afterward under a palm tree. 
An afternoon does not get much better than this..

We've found the best way to access the beach for snorkeling at Colobier is down the old steps then carefully going over the rocks to stay off the dune.

Caroline under our favorite shaded spot.
The sea was just as calm as our farm pond, best snorkeling was at Petite Anse ---SO many purple fish!


Beutiful views of Flamands bay on the return walk, as pretty as we'd ever seen it.

We met sbhonline friends "Jeandarme" at their gorgeous villa SAS in St Jean and were invited over to "Reed's" place near Marigot where Kimberley and her husband Kona made something that was "nothing" for them (they are catering professionals) but tasted delicious.
My wife, intently taking in the lecture that Kona is offering regarding the history and details of his fishing career off Nantucket.

We had some nice dinners out---this one at Do Brazil with my wife in her "St.Barts" dress. They are back to offering a price-fix while Kifi Massai has dropped theirs.

Last evening, just back from a swim---our sweet neighbor Jannick came by to say goodbye---then we were out for a wonerful dinner at Tanio (Christopher) with Ocean scientist Dr. Deborah Brosnan. She explained so much about the SB ecosystem and how the marine parks were established.

Last morning before showers for the plane we took one last plage walk---relaxed and happy wife...