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The Energizer Bunnies finally ran down.

After making sure we hit multiple things every day, we decided for our last few days we would take the pace down a few notches, so we would actually go back to reality rested.

We decided to make the weekend VERY leisurely...sleeping late, beaching, revisiting a few of the restaurants we had liked, that sort of thing.

Saturday, we slept late and (after making the Friday report, LOL!) headed out to hit the beach. We started at Lorient...

Here is where the sign USED to be. Grrrr!!!

Lorient is beautiful, but it has slippery rocks roght offshore...not as bad as Gouverneur, but still, enough to make me leery of busting my butt!

These two adorable little kids were making not a sand castle...but a sand turtle!

Even though it was Saturday, Lorient beach was pretty empty...


St. Jean on the other hand, was NOT!!!!!

The wind was really whipping, the surf was up, and the windsurfers were out in force!

This little guy with the green and yellow sail was only about 8 or 9 years old, but he ROCKED! He was getting airborne, jumping waves, everything!!! He put a lot of the adults to shame!

The bikini I got from Black Swan last year...I still love it!!!

Eden Rock...couldn't do St. Jean without an Eden Rock picture!

Going to the Pink Parrot for drinks!

Saturday night, we went back to Les Bananiers to get a pizza. They have a pizza kitchen and an awesome pizza chef. It was 'Mussels' night, and the place was PACKED!!! I guess they have pretty good clams, LOL!

Sunday we were really lazy. We slept in until nearly noon! Then we ran up to Kiki-E of the only places we could find open at 2:30 or so...and grabbed lunch.

I noticed while I was sitting there that I had missed something...the St. Jean sign at this end had a Pelican on it, not a plane...but I had never been in that entrance before. So I shot this. I am trying to get a complete set of the signs in photos....since we can't get the coffee mugs anymore!!!

I had been wanting to get some photos of the planes landing at the airport...these didn't quite turn out, unfortunately. I will have to try again next time.

Dang autofocus!!!!!

Well...I HAD him framed up when I hit the shutter...

How we spent a lot of the weekend...the view from the villa is incredible. Every so often, I'd look up from my book and just sigh...

Aaaaah! Relaxation!!!!!!

We got to see an awesome sunset Sunday...

And this rainbow above Flamands Ranch!!!!

Sunday night, TomG and his wife spent their last night on the island with us. A & T are great people...we loved them, and had just a wonderful time! Have a safe flight back, y'all...hope to see you soon!

OK, Missy...this one's for you! PROFITEROLES!!!! 

We were at Andy's to meet Andy, who was a total crack up, and I hate that I forgot to get a picture with him...but he was BUSY. It was jam packed there.
And this thing kept magically refilling!!!!!

Well, that was the weekend. Now we are down to our last day, and we found that even though we tried really hard, there are lots of things we didn't get to do...and won't on this trip. 
Darn! I guess that means we gotta come back.... :D


We didn't have a whole lot of hope for yesterday when we got up. It was raining cats and dogs. 
Boy, were we wrong!
Yesterday turned out to be SPECTACULAR!!! WOW!!!

We hung around the villa until after lunch, when the sun came out, and it turned into another gorgeous day. I had been wanting to hike to the Washing Machine and the Natural Pools, so we headed out!
We followed Tim's directions, and it was fairly easy to find. 
The first part of the hike was, to me, the hardest part, plus it had been raining, so there were lots of slippery places, and mud.

We are going up THERE? Gulp!

By then end of the hike, we could totally relate to these little guys!

Our first view of the Washing Machine...

A closer view...

Looking from the right side...

Washing Machine beach, on the way in... 

Our first view of the Natural Pools!!!

To the right of the Pools...

Waves crashing into the pools

The right side of the pools

Another view...

There is this rock with a seat carved in it, but my booty wouldn't fit! I am sitting on top of it.


My sweet husband...he toted that Nikon backpack with all my junk in it all over that mountainside!


Mark taking a breather. See how tiny the trail is??? We can see why Tim rated this the second hardest hike on the island!!!


Crazy people at Washing Machine beach!


Notice the person who has been sucked under by the undertow...EEEK!!!! I would NOT swim at Washing Machine!!!

Him, shooting me, shooting gorgeous stuff!


The "long arm" shot, LOL!


This pi**ed me off, and made me sad. This is under a rock overlooking Washing Machine Beach, and is the ONLY place on St. Barths I have seen anything like this. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

There were surfers at Grand Fond...and they were AWESOME...check these out!!! 

Then, since we were all sweaty from hiking, we went over for a dip at Saline. We had to change out of our hiking clothes in the Saline parking lot, LOL!!!

Hmmm...I think I have seen this scene somewhere before...


This bikini is a Ujena, and is called 'Rock n' Roll' looks good out of the water, but the surf kept trying to pull it off! Good thing we were at Saline, LOL!!!!

OK, so now is where the evening gets REALLY interesting.
Remember a few days ago we told you about Elgreaux interviewing a photographer and a supermodel at the next table to us? Well...we started talking to them...she is a dog person, and had her chihuahua ("Rambo", LMAO!) with her so we talked doggies, and he and Mark talked motorcycles, and we got invited to his premiere at the Tom Beach Gallery, "we are all kids... NAKED + Beautiful" 
His name is Peter Eaton Gurnz, and here is the link to his site:
Peter Eaton Gurnz and BOX8 studios 

Her name is Erin Axtell, and she has been called "The New Kate Moss"...she really has the look, too. She's been in Vanity Fair and Vogue, and is one of the GAP girls!

They were both so sweet and so down to earth!!! And his photos were AMAZING!!! Me with Peter...

We left the show and went out to dinner with Ellen and Rosemond at La Plage...boy, it looks TOTALLY different at night, with blue and gold indirect light...very romantique! It was so cool because people were coming up to them and we got to meet such cool people: we met Thierry the guy who operates La Plage, and his daughter Valentine, who is also the curator of the Tom Beach Gallery.
Dinner was wonderful, and Ellen and Rosemond are just so much fun! They kept us totally wrapped up all night telling us stories, and making us laugh. It was the best night, y'all!
They were both laughing at me and calling me "Amy Two" because I was taking pictures of the food.
Here is my Mahi-mahi:

Mark's Prawns with coconut/lemongrass sauce:

Rosemond's Truffle Risotto:

Elen's looks like a carpaccio...and it looks yummy!

And finally...DESSERT!!! I can't remember the French for this, but the translation is: "A Whole Lot of Little Desserts With a Bunch of Spoons" Seriously!!!
From the left: Banana carpaccio, Mango/passionfruit gazpacho, coffee ice cream, Chantilly cream, two brownies, creme brule', coconut ice cream, and a chocolate lava cake. YUUUUMMMMMYY!!!!

Don't look at us too close, y' was a long night, LOL!!! And yes...we ARE addicted to this island now!

We had SO much fun...we are going out on Friday night with El and Rosemond to listen to some jazz...I can't wait!

Today...we hope to have the clouds blow off and we are going snorkeling...
I am on the hunt for sea turtles to photo!!!!


Well, our two weeks in St. Barths has come to an end, sadly.

Monday, we had hoped to get up early, go snorkeling at Marigot, and then go by Shell beach for some shell hunting, and then on to our evening dinner reservations.

Mother Nature decided to not cooperate. We woke up a steady downpour. 
That stopped soon, but the overcast continued through the morning. The temperature was nice and cool though, so we sat out on the upper deck, read our books, and listened to the surf at Flamands.

Finally about mid day, some patches of blue started peeking out, so we got our swimsuits on, and headed into town to grab some lunch and wait for the sun to show it's face.

We ate the lunch special at Le Piment, right across the street from Andys, and just around the corner from the Black Swan. We both had the Crab cakes Creole, and it was amazingly good.

We decided that we really didn't have enough time to go snorkel at Marigot, so we opted for Shell Beach instead.

When we got there, the sun was out, and was COOKING...but it was sooooo pretty.
Some views at Shell Beach:

The Very Last Bikini. I had some others that I hadn't worn yet, but for my last day here, the new one I got from Black Swan was calling my name, LOL! 

Us at Shell Beach...

From there, we went up to the top of the hill above Gustavia to get some views of the is SO gorgeous up there!!!

Our last beach. Flamands, of course. I think I found Missy's yellow beach villa!

We took a last beach walk, holding hands, and stayed as late as we could before dinner.

Last walk on Flamands...

Headed to dinner...

We had reservations at Santa Fe...


We chose there because of the sunset last time. IT didn't dissapoint this time either. The sunset was vivid blue, and the colors of bubblegum and pink cotton candy! WOW!!! 


Dinner was, once again, fabulous!
We started with the Lobster Bisque....

Then, he had veal with morel sauce...


And I had Wahoo with ginger and coriander.

Dessert was the special of the night: Crepes Suzette, flambe' at the table!


We have had this dish elsewhere on the island, but this was the FAR!!!!

Leaving, I saw this cute little mini Moke outside. Those are SOOOO cute!!! It looks like a jeep that got shrunk!

Well...I guess we are done, for this time, y'all.

We want to say how grateful we were to finally get to meet some of our forum friends in SBH...especially Amy & Phil, Rosita, Ellen & Rosemond, Allison & Tom, and Chrissie and Chad. We had a blast with y'all, and our time together was far too short. We hope to see all y'all again real, real soon. 

We also want to thank Jeff and Caroline for allowing us to stay and enjoy their gorgeous villa, Flamands Blue. Jeff..great big hugs!!! You are the ultimate host and the best concierge in the world!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! We also want to thank our villa staff, Sandrine and Aurelian.

We also want to thank all y'all on the forum for your kind comments and encouragement. It's been wonderful to have you along on our trip. 
Until next time...

Au revoir, y'all!!!