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Yesterday we made the hike to Colombier!
We had been planning to all week, and this time we took the photo equipment along.

We had no sooner gotten out of the Jeep, than we heard: "Hey! Y'all are the Magnolias!"
It was the cc's!!! They are so nice, y'all...Mr cc even helped Mark haul all our crap on that haul to Colombier!!! (Thank you!!!)We really liked them!

Scenes from the hike to Colombier:

This is the TRAIL, y'all!!! It sure doesn't look like last year. The plants have gone crazy with all the rain! I sure am glad the don't have redbugs here, we'd have been eat up.

Look! Colombier! 

Cliff-hanging again!

We made it! Right side of the beach...

Left side of the beach...

The Rockefeller place...or Harrison Ford place, if you prefer. (He is rumored to be on the island, y'all!)

"Bird on a Rock". 

Stone gate to the Rockefeller dock area...


The cc's say hello!

More from the Dock's so pretty there!

I think I am getting a little better at underwater photography!

This guy reminds me of "Finding Nemo"

THIS guy was gorgeous...rainbow colored! And he was really big..about two or three feet long!

I HATE these spiny little *****!!!! One of them poked me. Right through my swim fins!

Beautiful purple sea fan...

After we had spent five hours out there, we headed back to the villa to clean up and get ready to go out. 

We discovered that after all day in the sun...we were a wee bit sunburnt..and that was even using major sunblock. 
I was just a little tender, but poor Mark is SUCH a white boy... He got scorched. 
We stopped in to the Gustavia pharmacy, and got some sunburn cream. I don't know what was in it, but it worked reallyfast, and took the sting out really well.
We went sightseeing around Gustavia. 
(Maureen: we have seen the catamarans twice, but haven't found your grandkids...sorry!)

The ship this came from must be HUGE!

The harbor, just before sunset:

St Bartholomews...

Then...sunset at Do Brazil, and dinner!!!

Do we look a bit pink??? Those blue drinks are the house specialty, the "Do Brazil'. I can't remember everything that was in them, except rhum and blue curacao. They were good, though!

After sunset, they have a spotlight that shines this on the beach. Isn't that neat?!


I had prawns with Chinese vegetables and noodles...

He had ginger and lime chicken...

We didn't make it to dessert. Those bowls were about two quarts of food!!!

After dinner, they brought us something a bit different: instead of rhum vanille, we got pineapple rum. It was awesome!!!!

OK, that's all for Thursday. We are about to head to the Manapany for lunch, and then out to hear jazz tonight with Ellen and Rosemond.


Yesterday was WONDERFUL!!!

We got up and went to St. Barth's Tennis Club, which is VERY nice. They have four courts that are some type of composite surface. They play a bit slower than the concrete courts we play on back home. This is NOT a bad thing, LOL!! They also have a 2/3 size court for kids, that is so cute! The St. Barths Open was supposed to start today...I hope the rain stops!

It was HOT y'all. That might be why we were the only ones playing...we said we could just imagine the folks in the club saying "Look at those crazy Americans, playing in the hottest part of the day!" 
You could also see the planes landing at the airport...and notice the SCORE...hee hee!!!


After we sweated half to death for a couple of hours, we came back to the villa and fixed my favorite lunch...croissants from Le Petite Colombe and fresh tuna salad. Then we went to do what I have been waiting to do for months...snorkeling with my new underwater camera!!! Me with my new rig:

We snorkeled and took pics at Flamands and Petite Anse. I got some decent photos for my first try, I think, but I also think I can do better. 
I started off just shooting underwater rocks and coral. They were easier. They don't MOVE.

Brain coral, I think...

Some kind of reddish coral...

Cool looking underwater rock formations...

Looking up at the surface...

Is this a plant or a coral???


After I got the hang of it, I started trying to shoot sealife...little suckers MOVE, y'all.

Some sort of anemones...


This guy was pretty big!

After snorkeling, and tennis we were HUNGRY! We basically exercised most of the day. SO... we had 6:15 reservations at Santa Fe for supper. We made them early so we could get there for the sunset.

Toasting another day in paradise!

Now we know why they call it "The Sunset Cafe". We have eaten a lot of places here, but this may be the most romantic dinner ever. Even our waitress commented that "the light is very special tonight."

I loved their lobsters...they were ginormous!!! I couldn't have put my hands around big daddy here!

Then....DINNER! YUM! 

Tuna with parmesan and some kind of tomato reduction

Filet with green pepper sauce

Then for dessert, well...I was GOING to get the profiterole..but they were having a special...
BAKED ALASKA!!!! It was SO yummy!

Now we are sitting around the villa, sipping cafe au lait, and hope the rain blows over. C'mon Tradewinds! BLOW!!!


Friday was going to be a low key kinda day. We were just going to hang around, chill out, and not do a whole lot.


It didn't quite go that way, LOL!

We talked to Jeff yesterday morning, and he is such a sweetheart... he had arranged for us to have lunch at the Hotel Manapany, with a 'special surprise'. Now, when Jeff says that, it's always something good!
Now, if you remember from our post last year, we had a problem with getting our meal...but it really wasn't their fault. The chef had fallen and broken his leg!!! Anyhow, it was beautiful there, and we wanted to try it again.

We had a leisurely morning, and then headed down to Anse de Cayes...

...and the Hotel.

When you come in the gate, to the right is the spa...

And the tennis courts are to the left...

Well, when we got there, we discovered that Jeff had reserved us one of the "Little Houses" right next to the pool, which are like a cabana or thatched hut (there are only two of them!) for our lunch! WOW!

The view from our cabana...

So we get there, and they absolutely roll out the red carpet. The manager, Fedrico came by, and apologized profusely for our experience last year, even though we told him we understood completely, and weren't upset. After all, the poor chef had broken his leg! Nevertheless, Fedrico told us, he wanted us to have some champagne, on him! How sweet!

To the Manapany Hotel, Fedrico, and Jeff...who totally ROCKS!!

So the whole time we are there, we got absolute five star was awesome..and so was the FOOD!!! The lunch special is only 25 Euros, and includes appetizer, main course and dessert.
We started with salad: marinated mushrooms and greens. Yum! That's shaved parmesan on top.

For lunch, I had the tuna...

And he had the marinated chicken breast with diced peppers and onions.

Dessert was simple, but delicious. Strawberry sorbet and praline ice cream...

And strawberries and chantilly cream

After lunch, I wandered around the grounds shooting photos of Anse de Cayes...

Then I headed back to the pool to take a dip...

Where I found...(Oh, Missy!!!)...this French hottie asleep by the pool. I would have gotten closer, but his girlfriend was right beside us, and I didn't want to be TOO obvious, LOL!

The pool was nice...cooling off, without the sand

We had a very French lunch. It was well after three when we finally decided to pack it up and go back to the villa. was such a wonderful afternoon.

I wanted to note also, that Jeff has gotten new furniture for the master suite in the villa! I like it!

We lolled around for a few hours, and then got ready to go out and PARTY!!!

Us, dressed up in sort of matching white linen:

And scooted up the hill to Les Bananiers!

We had eaten lunch there last year, and were really impressed, so we decided to try it for dinner this time. Once again, the food was awesome!
I had the grilled seabass, in a light garlic cream sauce...that little round thing on the left is spinach was good!

Mark had duck breast in a honey and balsamic vinegar sauce. In the center at the top is a potato they stuffed with cheese (brie, maybe?) and wrapped in bacon and then baked.

The we had cafe au lait...that thing floating on top is not whipped's meringue!

The house specialty dessert: bananas baked in a light pastry crust. Around the edges are caramelized nuts.

Then it was time to go to the Jazz festival!
We were going to meet Ellen and Rosemond, but unfortunately they had to cancel. We are supposed to try to meet up again later, though.
We did get to meet up with Mr. and Mrs. TomG and Mr. and Mrs. CC!!!

We had a blast, y'all! We just love the CC's and the TomG's were an absolute hoot!!! It was a wonderful night! We chatted and laughed and generally threw down for over four didn't seem like that long!!! We could have stayed all night...but it got a wee bit late...or EARLY...and the cc's had to fly out today. (Au 'voir! Have a safe flight home, y'all!)

We ran into Erin, the model again, and Rambo the Chihuahua...

The first set was Emily Elbert...

And the second set was Project K-Paz...

Emily Elbert was WONDERFUL!!! She has a great voice, and sounds Nora Jones, and can play the hell out of the guitar!
K-Paz was good too....they were just a bit loud. We all liked Emily better...we could have listened to her all night!

Well, it's Saturday morning, and we are going to go climb up to Flamands Ranch again, and then jog to Colombier. 
We eat. 
We drink.
Now we pay.