Margie and Rod

We flew in on a beautiful day, sailed through the in-transit desk, arrived at Winair and ran right down the stairs for the next flight.


The pilots seemed to have a little fun and gave the kids up front an extra steep landing. We ran over to Europecar, grabbed the keys and we were off to the McGrew's villa Flamands Blue.

A quick check of the villa and we headed back to the airport to check for luggage, I don't think I can ever master the carry-on to St. Barts, but luckily both our bags arrived soon after we got there. Then off to the supermarket for the St. Barts staples, cheese and wine (and a few staples)! What's not to like with these choices, Rod was a kid in the candy store with all those rose's. You can follow his wine exploits (and if you scroll back in time, everything we drank in SBH) at

We had a great time at Flamands Blue, spent many late lunches on the terrace admiring the views. Quick trips to the bakery for our daily bread and down the road for quick dips in the water.

We decided that we've been in a food rut (is that even possible??), so we tried some new spots. We had a great light tapas dinner at Lebistroy, enjoying a couple of different wines over the evening. The mesculan with Brie bonbons was a hit.

Had a nice dinner at Cote Port, but they seemed to forget we were outside by the boats.

Delicious dinner of duck and lamb at Le Taino with our Scottish servers, who were so delightful and glad to have avoided the winter in Europe this year.

Had a fabulous tuna tartare at La Bagatelle, followed by grilled prawns and scallops, unfortunately our waiter ended our evening on a down note by asking for additional tip, he told us that they only get 5% - if that's true, then shame on the restaurant, because we've been trained on the french system and we only leave extra for attentive service.

On to Santa Fe with Joel and Noel (suzanne), the fabulous tomato tarte, followed by the sole and the wonderful hospitality of Manu and his staff.

We tried PaCri, in it's new location, we had been there several times when it was out towards Saline, we had a nice meal there, but probably wouldn't go back, considering all the fabulous choices you have on the island.

Harbour was great, I had an outstanding black rice risotto with shrimp, the last serving left that night and Rod had the wahoo with fennel carpaccio. We chatted with Thierry and he said the new chef was doing a great job, we definitely enjoyed it.

We wound down our vacation at Bonito (we were there when Nungan and Papagayo were playing, that was a treat),

And finally at Le Gaic. We had the tasting menu, but they did allow us to have the spaghetti in the reggiano-parmesan wheel - I had never had it, but it lived up to all the expectations I had, based on Phil and Amy's regular reporting on that dish!

Beach days were great, I managed to start a Facebook frenzy back home with this picture. Can't imagine it would cause a stir here!

Many other beautiful days at the beach, with time to catch up with friends, like Joel and Noel.

For the second time, we were able to join the crowd at the Carnival parade, this year along the Bord de Mer.

We made our customary shopping trip to Gustavia. A new pearl necklace from the lovely couple who run Gems. John made me a new leather string for one of my older necklaces. A trip to St. Barts isn't complete without a trip to Laurent Effel, another SBH sandal for the collection.

And we tried the new R. St. Barths rhum agricole. I think I'll stick with wine, but they did have a great t-shirt for my 20-something.

We were lucky to join the February crowd at Baz Bar one night, I think Rosemond captured the group. It was wonderful to meet many new people and to put those faces to the names here on the site. Hope you all had fabulous vacations too!

We're already living vicariously through everyone who's been there since the 29th of February. We'll be excited to see what we're missing. Happy vacationing, hope to be back sometime very soon!