Owners trip - Jeff & Caroline

Arrived St Barth a day before my wife.. before 6am for "beach-to-myself" jog on Saline, there had been lots of rain and the ponds were full. Island is very green.

Noticed just a single vehicle in the carpark.

As I walk over the dune?
I see a famous photographer, my buddy Ricky G, practicing his craft.

Villa project: planning a new door & screen. I know what I want in US contractor terms---working at communicating to my French tradespeople fabricating it in their shop. These thing are never simple since their are concerns regarding fitting of hurricane protection as well.

When you run out of things to paint and have a little left in the tray, why not touch up our neighborhood sign?
Lady who I asked to take this pic assumed I was a regular maintenance guy---which is sort of true.

I showered up and walked down to the "new" Hotel Taiwana on Flamands---some of us can remember it being so exclusive in the past.
Joined buddy RickyG for lunch, absolutely gorgeous place.. Lunch now by the hotel and dinner by PaCri we were told.

Dining room is beautiful right on the beach---food and service were very good. Great to spend time with this interesting guy.

Caroline in that afternoon and we were happy to make dinner with "Earls", Jim and Terri. They picked us up at Flamands Blue, then to EdenRoc, a place we had not been in quite a while...such good company, views and fare---this vacation starting out quite well.

First few days very little breeze (not good for LesVolies) Baie Flamands was SO calm, we spent a lot of time walking our beach this trip.


Group of the large racing yachts in the harbor for one of the premier sailing events in the world.
Goregous video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL8MMOpp99s

And the smaller class boats...really wanted to see these under full sail--some had come or been transported a very long way

Next evening we were invited to a villa in Colombier to watch the sunset---excellent company to go with the breathtaking views.

Afterward to Wall House, outstanding as usual---Co-Proprietor Julian Taitan has finished the exterior, adding a cool neon decor.

Our favorite waiter Fedrico poured some good Rose' that was a gift of one of our villa Guests.

Most seaweed we observed was on St.Jean Beach---but this guy, with maybe the best job on St Barts, was on it.

We snorkeled Colombier which was the best we'd ever had this time of year since the sea was so flat.


A Villa Guest accidently dropped our phone on the tile, so I bought a French one--could not figure out the answer mode, so Julian was kind to pass by and set it up for us.

Caroline and I enjoyed a nice lunch on the upper terrace with Dr Brosnan--her words:
"Jeff, I cannot smile with food in my mouth".

Another nice one ourselves at the Christopher Hotel.

Little details, washing slipcovers---fortunately we have 2 sets---Sunbrella is such a good product!

Something we seem to fit in every trip, couples' massage & lunch at Hotel Carl Gustav. Romantique, relaxing and they serve such a nice lunch salad afterward + views...we stopped in one night for music as well at sunset.

I'd wanted to charter a boat to watch the LesVoiles races, last year the one we went out on was not quick enough to run with these fast yachts. Vincent @ Prem IV put me in touch with this 42' craft, full hardtop to sheild us from sun: "Blue Escapes". www.blueescapefwi.com

We were off for a great afteroon among the racers.

Handing a chilled Rose' to friend Kimberley Reed as we pass through the smaller class.
Fact: this is a very nice way to go boating.

65 sailboats in the sea about us.


under full sail in 2 courses.

So many to watch---most professionally crewed from Italy, France and the US.
If you're on-island with an event like this, to be out on the water is a must.


an especially pretty large yacht.

large/fast crusing saliboats, too.

As we went out to open ocean off Saline toward the faster "super-yacht" class boats it started to rain.

No problem---we were under a hardtop!

Back at the dock our efficient skipper began to pour champagne as he booked the next days' charter.

Kimberley, a professional caterer, graciously brought and served us lunch, for the crew as well.

We've experienced some great times on the water with friends but this was right up near the top---I highly recommend this crew!

Just prior to leaving Detroit we changed our tickets to spend our last evening with our good friend Dennis Carlton. Even though he'd just flown all the way from California---he had enough energy left to enjoy a nice dinner with us at PaCri with another friend Terrance Rey from AirSXM who had flown over from St. Maarten to join us.

Last morning Terrance, Dennis, Caroline and I had breakfast before our flights back home, on the beach at Grand Cul de Sac. a great trip!

Great vacations, all of you!