Heidi and Julie

I was the backup for this trip since my big sister had planned these dates well in advance. But hey, lucky for me, sometimes planets do line up, both of us became unattached and Heidi invited me to St Barts for our first real vacation together since Disneyworld, age 10.
Mr McGrew, longtime friend of our family was close to our late Mother. He arranged our island flights, accomodation, car and even a gorgeous meal at one of his favorite restaurants, too.
My sister, a rising executive with her third job promotion since the University of Michigan, paid my airfare (I'm still working/finishing undergrad part-time) and we were on our way to one of the most beautiful places on Earth, in search of good times and perhaps a stray Prince or two.
She is a SB veteran (her third) a snap from her first one with fellow HS cheerleader Meg on the Flamands Blue lower terrace back in '02.

I had no idea what to expect, my sister promised me I would be blown away by St Barts (she doesn't know everything) but this time she was exactly right.
Spent the night before at Heidi's Chicago apt, we did not sleep at all---adding & subtracting final packing with just the right outfits before our 3am cab to O'Hare---everything smooth...including our St. Barth Commuter flight!

SO excited, as I'm certain everyone is about this stage.

Sunset Hotel: we'd planned the ferry and walking over until SBC seats opened---OK for a night since our villa was full.
That night we made it over in the hard rain to Le VietNam, which was wonderful!
Owner's wife is the hostess and he's the chef, afterward we had free Saki and returned to our room by foot, which was good.

First morning: we did the bakery in town (she's usually up before me and would return fresh croissants the rest of the trip), then Heidi took me sightseeing.

Big sister loved showing the island all week---and I loved it, too!

First lunch & Caribs at LeSelect.

We settled in (Rose' chilling in the frig) and walked down from Flamands Blue to Hotel Isle de France for our first drinks on the beach and toes in the sand.

A very hot French beach guy in tight little white pressed shorts provided us complimentary lounges to go with this view of Flamands Beach.

That night we did L'Entrace for pizza and BAZ for music most nights.

We visited all the beaches, here out to Colombier, one of our favorites, where we found great snorkeling and met some nice young guys off the boats.

There was an classic sailing regatta taking place and we were invited out to one of them to hang out one afternoon. Heidi quickly learned how to handle a paddle board.

Wall House, our fine dining experience. Mr McGrew reserved it with his friend, the co-owner Julian Tatin.

We're livin' the dream for sure with an over the top meal, this view and bottle of Rose'!
We almost persuaded our sexy young server Fedrico to come home with us, but he had to help manage the restaurant---so we just returned home, sat in the Jacuzzi and planned tomorrow.

Next day we enjoyed the 25E lunch special at Hotel Manapany where we were the only Americans. It was Wed afternoon so some workers were off, we lounged on beach chairs and admired the cute, fit little surfer boys hitting on us. We swam the pool and napped unter a palm tree and the locals showed us the one spot to access the sea.

Dinner afterward at Entre Deux where we met some locals who offered to show us part of the island.

We hiked out to the natural pools near Grand Fond which are so pretty they almost looked fake. This pic is of the view you can jump down.

Heidi watched some of the boys do this, so she decided to scramble up the cliff and give it a try. It is much higher than it looks.

That night we went to LeSelect to meet sbhonline bloggers---can't remember all the names but it was a nice time for all of us.
Burgers afterward were good, too.

Next day new friends took us rock climbing near the caves by Gouvanier---it was fun after morning on the plage.

Inside the caves Heidi and I found some very cool rock formations that I'm sure most tourists don't get to view.

Le Ti!!!!
this place is so CRAZY, we had such a great time, watched the floorshow, danced on tables, and met fun people and interesting people.

Sis taking one last pic of paradise before lunch at LeJardin and the plane home.

This was by far the best time and trip of our lives!
Problem? How do we top this? Ideas?
Maybe next (soon) one of us will bring a male companion if they prove worthy of such an experience OR we girls just might keep it for ourselves.