Susan and Bill's Trip

Escaping Philadelphia late winter weather to savor one of life's great pleasures, we returned to Flamands Blue for our fourth of ten St. Barts Vacations. We stayed at other places prior (three hotels and three villas) and found our ideal place right here.

The villa is immaculate and Jeff keeps upgrading and impoving while maintaining the place in pefect condition.

We took time to savor our views of the Flamands Hillside.

After settling in we walked down late afternoon to check the hotel where we've spent time on trips in the beach chairs, restaurant, pool and spa.

Like others---we enjoy the bakery up the hill for breakfast on the terrace.

We spent some time this trip at the other end of the island, the area of Grand cul de Sac, where the protected bay has a turquoise color unlike any other.

There is a beautiful hotel with a nice deck where we had lunch and lounged by the pool.


This area has a funky side, too. A little shop that rents sail boats and other water sports equipment.

Some colorful architecture.

We stopped in a little place for mojitos after a long day of lounging.

Something we'd not done before, we took a pre-dinner Sunset Cruise.

The boat was beautiful.

The crew was attentive.

It was a different perspective of the harbor we'd not seen, which is so gorgeous.

Topped off by a pretty sunset.

We took advantage of a pair of the beautiful and relaxing spa treatments.

Followed by lunch afterward in another lovely spot.

Our last night, we decided to go for romantic dining at one of our favorites---a wonderful trip!