Krissi and Marc's 10th

St Barts is a long way from our little girls and life in the Pacific Northwest, so it was important to get our anniversary of ten wonderful years of marriage exactly right. Since the afternoon we left in March '06 we'd been talking about the day we would return. We contacted Jeff at Flamands Blue where we stayed prior, he helped arrange flights, we were on our way---and the bar was high. Both of us were even more excited this time since we knew the lay of the land and our villa was a known quanity as they say. I'm a nervous flyer so we took the ferry last time but St Barth Commuter was perfect. Oldie at Gumbs had our Mini Cooper waiting and we were up to the villa in no time.

There we savored the views along with all the imporvements Jeff had done over the years and were so happy to be there. Instead of immediately going back for provisions just walked right down to the beach for first toes in the sand of Flamands, our favorite beach.

A first walk up back, then we were on VACATION!!!

We set up our account at Isle de France were we went a few times there for lunch and just lounging in their beach chairs. Entering, you get the sense of a perfectly run establishment and our time was no exception. We took all the pampering and loved it.
First evening we walked over to Spice. The owners, ambiance and a casual dinner prepared just as we liked was just right for a first night and we left feeling almost like family to these people.

A challenge for diehard Seahawks fans was finding the big game on TV. Jeff informed us he had had recently installed a larger screen with expanded US channels, unfortunately none had our particular game...we checked about the island, no luck. However, for this pair of resourceful techies found it streamed online. With the better villa internet connection and a full moon rising over the hillside, Rose', snacks, breeze plus the sound of the ocean---we were doing great! This was like our 2nd home now. Only issue was maybe some of the neighbors hearing our screams our team scored....afterward we soaked in the Jacuzzi like every night to plan our next day.

We did a lot of hiking this trip. Prettiest were the ones to Colombier and the Natural Pools. At Colombier the sea was SO, SO beautiful so we swam and lounged for hours taking in all in and I put some miles on these new shoes. Last trip I had packed only flip flops and sandals!

Jeff helped with the dining recommendations he says he's always tweaking. After a long morning at Gouvanier, he insists that we have lunch at Santa Fe and see his friend Manu. It was one of our best experiences and I topped it off with a ruhm Sorbet that was so nice with that view. What an amazing way to spend the afternoon!

Phoning us a couple of times....(Jeff freely admits living vicariously though his Guests) as we were contemplating another restaurant that he had only heard 50-50 about----we told him we ONLY wanted 100%, so he had Fedrico at Wall House set a beautiful table for us with our chilled bottle of Rose' waiting and VIP all the way, how can anyone NOT love this place?

Perfect weather was appreciated, especially coming from where we live. Can someone explain what it is about sexy Saline Beach that seduces one into wearing less?

After Saline we took another on the list: Le Grain De Sel....we loved this shady place too, service was friendly and casual, just what we were looking for after the beach plus the food was great!


Late afternoons were a time slow down (not easy for us) and chill, just contemplating our view. Enjoying time at the villa is so much a part of this vacation and one of the reasons we so love it here.
One night we did L'Isola, which was great in every regard, but it was weird to be a formal, air conditioned restaurant, which I could have had back home. The food was really incredible and they took every attention to detail. We think we'll skip this one next time to keep up with the island vibe---this is coming from someone raised in a very Italian culture. 
Yet another beach day we spent a little time walking and swimming St Jean and ended up LaPlage.
I could have stayed there all day! Nice relaxing setting, incredible food and just a perfect sandy, beachy kinda hang out.

The nautural pools: Wow!!! Never would have known about this without those pages of recomendations our villa owner makes his Guests read. This place was an absolute favorite even though we loved Colombier, too. Something about hiking out to where sea crashes into the pools and the rocky beach with overhangs just is just awesome....and we had it all to ourselves.

Note: Black Ginger....we walked in and out...seems they seated us at one of the least desireable tables and simply forgot about us...the place was not busy and we were not offered a drink or anything....Odd?

That night, Eddy's - nothing to say but pure awesomeness! We love this place and we're glad to go back for the second time! Eddy even came by and chatted with us for a good 10 minutes. The food, ambiance and service were impeccable!

Sunset shot is from the beach at Corosol, yes another favorite, I shot it through my sunglasses....we loved the serenity of the place, too.

Shell Beach and DoBrazil: We SOOOOO enjoyed it here. Staff were great along with the food and setting. They put us up to in what seemed like our own private cabana to enjoy the views and beauty here. We even collected some shells for our little girls.
It's true for us this island is high on "romantique" as the French say.

Here's to ten great years together (love, kids, professions, a global financial crisis, promotions and a pair of sweet trips to St Barth) and many more to come!