Jessie and Devin

We've been pretty busy with the new home and jobs, but made a little time time scroll though some photos and post this...

After making a last minute (but easy) decision to return to St. Barts for the 3rd time for our 5-year anniversary, we were ready to have 9 days of fun & relaxation at our favorite spots (and some new ones too!). As usual, Jeff's Flamands Blue was perfect and even boasted some unique upgrades. It's certainly "improved" a little more every time we go!
This year, we did not take quite as many pictures, but focused more on spending time at our favorite beaches and just taking it all in. Here are a few of the ones we did. We certainly had a blast!

It was the 4th of July and so immediately after arrival, I donned on my patriotic bikini and we headed out to St Jean for a late afternoon swim the far side of Eden Roc with some new friends we met on the plane who were staying near there.


We celebrated in style at Andy's and even sang the Star Spangled Banner with some of the few (but loud) Americans and locals joining in, too. We eat healthy back home, but not so much here on vacation.

Devin likes contemplating his view from the villa, especially around sunset before we go out.

It didn't take long for us to venture back out to the natural pools - still our favorite spot in the entire world, then my brave husband climbed up pretty high on the cliff to snap this pic! Actually, we did T-shirt ones too for a contest our gym is having for exotic locations, we'll see.

No fine dining this trip. We absolutely loved the pizza at Les Bananiers. Devin could not help himself with a "pizza shot" to compliment his former burger one from Le Select.

The World Cup was happening during our trip and every restaurant in Gustavia was packed for the event. A pic from the Brazil game at Le Select , where patrons were unusually quiet.

A lot of beaching, mornings at the bakery up the hill, snorkeling and just hanging out this vacation, and it went by quickly. We both tried paddle boarding for the first time which was so much fun. The sea off St. Jean was a little choppy this day, but we had a great time trying not to fall. We definitely recommend trying it if you never have done it before!

Our last day on the island, we met a group of Americans on Gouvenier beach who invited us back to their villa just up the hillside. They had a great infinity pool, so we went for a dip. Gorgeous views!

Last night was back to LesBaniers up from the Villa which has become a favorite.

Hate saying goodbye to one of our other favorite places, Colombier. What an amazing view of all the boats that day!
My one attempt at bringing home a souvenir from St Barts---a HUGE shell we found on Gouvenier. With a tight connection and since we did not check bags we did not have time to go back through security to declare it, so I had to part with it. Sad!!

Each return trip has become a little sweeter as we now are officially "old timers"...
As I'm certain others can relate to, it seems to us that becoming regulars makes the reality of coming home that much harder! But as always, we'll find a way back sooner or later. Friends back home have listened to us talk up our little island and we've resolved invite another couple or two back with us to share Flamands Blue maybe next time. A special thank you to Jeff, Caroline and their Staff for the hospitality.