The island has been busy...

Summer is a great time to come.   The ocean is flatter (better snorkeling) there are fewer Americans, no cruise ships or crowds.   You can go out to one of the secluded beaches and those steps can be just yours.

The weather is about the same with less breeze but the villa is up high and there is almost always at least some there.  Of course Flamands Blue has full AC.

Great rates, to have you,




The Island Now / April 2018

We've had Guests to the villa almost every week since December (mostly repeaters), and we're looking forward to a having more over the spring, summer and fall.

Typically we transfer though St Maarten (SXM) on the way to St Barts but this trip we tried something many of our Guests have raved about, Tradewind, out of Puerto Rico direct to St Barts from (SJU).  It was easy since you don't clear Immigration in PR since it's the US and the service is VIP.   A photo of the executive lounge in SJU. 

St Barts Travel.jpg

Amazing, but St Barts appears almost 90% recovered from the hurricane last fall----it's most parts of the island you would never guess there was storm although some places are still repairing and renovating.

Grocery stores were completely stocked with fresh goods and most restaurants had re-opened.

st barts 2.jpg

Beaches are pristine as usual and careful restoration of the dunes has been happening as well.

st barts 3.jpg

Caroline & Jeff March 2018 trip

We often come this time of year on one of our two or three annual trips to St Barts.  The island was gorgeous as usual.

First morning my wife having coffee with her views as I return from the bakery

March 18 trip 16.jpg

Even though our maintenance staff is great I still look forward to touching up little things. Here replacing the hand deck shower that we and Guests use to was sandy feet from the beach below before entering the villa.

March 18 trip 3.jpg

First "toes in the sand" after breakfast to check one of our favorite beaches.

Caroline beach last day.jpg

Evenings we walked the harbor and dined nearby, beautiful sailboats added to the scene.

March 18 trip 4.jpg

We stopped by for lunch at one our favorite spots at a hotel on the next beach over from Flamands which was just re-opening from renovation.

Our daughter Heidi joined us mid trip and we spent a nice afternoon over on St Jean where we lounged, had lunch and Heidi took a paddleboard out past the reefs.

March 18 trip 18.jpg

Out to see the sailboats, we took a day trip on a beautiful Catamarran.  Lunch, watching the boats, swimming, good wine and music.

March 18 trip 13.jpg

Watching the other sailing yachts up close is always a thrill.

March 18 trip 14.jpg

We spent most of the trip on a regular routine.....breakfast (sometimes lunch) at the villa, beaches out for beautiful dining in the evenings.  Do we ever get tired of returning to the place?  No way

March 18 trip 5.jpg

One of our last afternoons we spent a the entire one over at Shell Beach at a beautiful beachfront restaurant....good food, and nice swims.

March 18 trip 6.jpg

Like a few other days, our last one we hiked to out spectacular Colombier beach....a great way to cap the trip. 

March 18 trip 20.jpg

Caroline & Jeff's post Irma Vacation.

We were looking forward to this trip.  Transfer through St Maarten was easy and as usual we were excited to fly in over the harbor.

December trip 3a.jpg


Flamands Blue had slight damage from the storm, but our excellent staff arranged to have the villa repaired, cleaned, painted top to bottom inside out and it looked like a brand new place!

December trip 4s.jpg
December trip 6a.jpg

Some of the large hotels were not yet opened but all the beaches had been cleaned and were beautiful.

December trip 9a.jpg

We spent a lot of time at the beaches this trip.

December trip 10a.jpg

We walked down the sidewalk to our favorite little pizza place in Flamands. The pizza maker is the best on the island and the thin crust is delicious.

December trip 7a.jpg

For lunch most days we got carry out and just came back to the villa and enjoyed the view.

December trip 14a.jpg

We took a 1/2 day snorkeling trip on Jicky Marine which was beautiful.  

December trip 22a.jpg

This is an excellent operation and we've known the owners for years, they always take great care of our guests.  Our skipper and his assistant this trip were great as usual.

December trip 22aa.jpg

We took advantage of some of the fine dining on the island.  Black Ginger was very good

December trip 17.jpg

Several other favorites such as Le Tamarrin with the beautiful gardens.

December trip 18.jpg

This gorgeous setting is always one of our favorites.

December trip 19.jpg

Whie we were there we added to our night lighting making it even a little more romantic in the gardens near the Jacuzzi off the master suite.

December trip 24.jpg

An excellent week on St Barts!

Great dining, beaches and our a pic our last night in the warm Jacuzzi showing some of the night lights with the along with the full moon rising over the Flamands Hilliside.

Have great trips to our favorite island this season, Jeff & Caroline

December trip 25.jpg



Trundle Family Easter Vacation

We'd wanted to come to St Barts with the family, but did not want to spend a fortune in a hotel, when we found Flamands Blue we knew it would be perfect.  Jeff (and his manager) helped with everything to plan our trip which came off like a dream.

Jeff set us up with a boat rental for the day----we explored this beautiful island from the sea.

The colors of the sea of St Barts were so beautiful they looked fake!

Trundle 5.png

We followed Jeff's instructions and hiked all over the island as well.   This one was out to the natural pools. Kids and parents LOVED it!

The villa was perfect in every way, even though we did not spend a whole lot of time there.

This was our favorite lunch----Jeff's friend's place called Santa Fe....Gorgeous views to go along with the dining.

Just a perfect St Barth vacation, we'll definitely return and tell friend's, too.

Caroline, Jeff and Heidi's trip: March 2017

A few photos from yet another memorable one!  For our God-daughter, Heidi it's her 7th trip, she tells us she is "completely hooked" on St Barts!

First day, my wife Caroline and Heidi heading off to their spa appointment.

st barts rental villa before the spa.jpg

Caroline later in the trip at the Cheval Blanc Spa down from the villa with her favorite person.

st barts rental villa spa.jpg

This was such a great time, we spent the afternoon with friends (along with new ones) on a Catamarran ride, swimming, eating, paddle boarding and as you can see here the ladies dancing.

st barts how to have fun.jpeg

This was such a great time, we spent the afternoon with friends (along with new ones) on a Catamarran ride, swimming, eating, paddle boarding and as you can see here the ladies dancing.

st barts rental villa beach day.jpg

We had a beautiful lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon by the gorgeous pool at the new hotel, Le Barthelemy on Grand Cul de Sac.    It's one of the most beautiful settings on the island and the staff here is tops.  Diana, closest in the photo is our Villa Manager and came along with us this nice afternoon.

st barts rental villa pool.jpeg

This was yet another great lunch after a morning on Gouvanier Beach we went back up on the hillside for an outstanding lunch at Santa Fe with views to die for

st barts rental villa lunch.jpeg
st barts rental villa lunch al fresco.jpg

Our next open full open week is June 26 –- Summer is great on St Barts, uncrowded, very European...we also have a few days open at the end of May. Contact me for details! 


Jenn & Ben's Christmas/New Years' Trip 2017

We took a needed break from our busy medical research careers to have a 2 week trip to St Barts over the holidays.   It was our 2nd time to this beautiful island.  First trip,  we met Jeff when we arrived in St Maarten, trying to find our flight to St Barth when the airport was being re-configured---for a pair of tired travelers it was not something we could navigate.  Jeff introduced himself,  guided us through immigration, baggage, customs and to our flight like a personal assistant.  We stayed at a nice hotel but knew next trip we'd like a private villa...he may have not remembered that he gave us a card 5 years prior.  We checked the Flamands Blue website and knew that it was exactly where we wanted to have this vacation.

Since the villa was has two separate suites we invited our very good friends to come with us for week in the middle of our trip.    They loved it!

seda 19.JPG

It was fun to show them about what was becoming "our" island.

We did the beaches.

We spent time just hanging out---in this case over pre-dinner drinks.

Fine at Eden Roc

Danced in Gustavia to great music on the harbor.

We hiked all over the island but found the views off the natural pools such a gorgeous place to be.

Along with plenty of "romantique" time to remember this trip, and plan our next one.

The villa, staff, and location were perfect!  We'll definitely be back....

Bucket Regatta Trip 2016

This trip was something we'd not done before: a full house, using all three bedrooms with all of us at our Flamands Blue. Caroline and I invited our good friends Bill and Susan from Phily. They've vacationed at our villa several times before over the years and came down a week prior....sent us this beautiful "teaser" pic from the deck.

They spent the next four nights with us, with Sancere in the frig when we arrived. Along, too was our may-as-well-be daughter, Heidi from Chicago, on her 5th trip---who's now "addicted" to St Barth she tells us.

Some of you may remember her as one of the "Big Girls" and cliff jumper on the trip with sister back in '12.

Heidi & Julie Sisters' Trip May, 2012

First night we all went to 25 Quarter in Gustavia which was very good---we'd all really looked forward to this trip and the company was outstanding! The three of us on the right had been going since about problem, we were on vacation!

Next was a lunch and spa day for the ladies at Isle de France (still call it that) which many believe is the best on the island. Staff at their spa remains the same from year to year and is quite attentive.

Wonderful next day on the boat---excellent company (Jeanette, Dennis and Diana were in our group, too) viewing the gorgeous Bucket Regatta racing yachts, ending with lunch/drinks and swimming at beautiful Colombier.

A day simply does not get any better than this and our skipper could not have made things finer, either.

Skipper put out the paddleboard, some of us tried-----it's little harder than it looks.

Next morning Heidi made us all this tasty breakfast vegetarian frittata....Mimosas, along with the company and our views were so nice to share.

Afterward, we walked down to spend a lazy afternoon at Hotel Tiawana with a perfect lunch then swimming and napping in their lounges.

We've found the management here to be very accommodating at this beautiful setting on the beach.

Snapped this pic as we were leaving...I contemplated waking her but I asked my friend Bill who advised to let her sleep. It was that kind of day....later she woke and walked back up to the villa.

Bill and Susan told us we had to have the fish sandwich here at O'Corial----it along with French fries and Caribs were SO, good!

A local, long-time folk singer here sings one with words "I go to bed now when I used to go out".
After dinner with us, Heidi met friends & went out to Le Ti or BAZ most nights.
Thanks also to Jeanette & Dennis for looking out for her.

A chill day for us, but Heidi went rock climbing next morning & swimming near the natural pools.

Our fine dining experience and it did not disappoint, whatsoever. Our finest meal along with the ambiance & service, an establishment that simply does everything right.

This day we all went for a long lunch at Do Brazil and swim/relax down on the beach.
Friend and Manager David took great care of us, as always.

Heidi's last day she and Caroline planned another spa massage. I met them afterward for Rose down on the plage. The these ladies look relaxed and happy or what?

Does this vacation have to be over??
Heidi left a day before us and took this beautiful last morning walk down Flamands.

After we took Heidi to the airport, I spent the afternoon with some ongoing maintenance. Good friend DDA stopped by to help with a new (US/Euro interface issue) kitchen faucet omitted from last fall's new counter work. Later that evening we had dinner with he and Diana at Eddy's.

Love this one, even though it was a busy vacation, my wife certainly looks like she has the "St Barts Glow" coming out of the sea with Heidi on Flamands Beach.

We've had so many wonderful ones on St Barth in the last 20 years (15 at our villa) but this one will be remembered as one of our best, ever.

Flamands Blue

Sharon and Brian's Honeymoon

After getting engaged, we quickly realized that we were much more excited about planning the honeymoon than the wedding. When we decided on St. Barts, we spent hours looking at hotel and villa options. Ultimately, we reached out to the great community at SBH Online, and were pointed in the direction of Flamands Blue. We knew that it was meant to be, as Jeff’s villa had already caught our eye in our initial search. Everyone simply raved about it, and we tried to keep our expectations in check. Well, Jeff and the villa offered by far the best honeymoon experience we could have imagined. It was an easy flight into St. Maarten, and the excitement really began when we boarded our St. Barts Commuter flight. We were the only “first timers” on our flight, and we could tell we were in for a treat by speaking with our fellow passengers. The mood was entirely different than it had been on our large flight to St. Maarten - these people were ready to have some fun! I was practically the co-pilot, and we got to see an amazing aerial view of our home for the next week.


Everyone was incredibly helpful in directing us to the the villa (although Jeff also provided excellent directions), and we got there without a hitch. Diana made us feel right at home, and we were so incredibly impressed by our accommodations. The photos don’t do it justice, and the view is one of the most spectacular around! We decided to head into Gustavia to have a nice, low-key night because we were still a little tired from our day of traveling. We’d had several people tell us that Bagatelle had terrific food and a fun atmosphere. Little did we know that the “fun” atmosphere translates into dancing on tables and group sing-alongs. We ended up staying out much later than we anticipated, but we had a blast watching (and participating) in all of the fun. An evening here was such a great way to start the trip.

The following day, we took Jeff’s advice and picked up croissants from the little bakery just up the hill. Enjoying the delicious pastries every morning on the villa terrace became one of our favorite things about our stay. We also discovered that they have delicious (and affordable) sandwiches for lunch!

We decided to spend the day exploring the island, and broke out our map and sunscreen. We made it to 10 beaches on the first day, and had such a good time navigating around and seeing the whole island. It was a great way to decide where to revisit on the following days.

We spent the next few days lounging on all of the island’s beautiful beaches - it was so hard to pick a favorite! Flamands is definitely one of the best around, and it’s so nice to be able to walk from the villa. We also discovered that Shell beach has great swimming, and wonderful restaurant to pop into in case of a rain shower and emergency glass of wine!

We’re so glad that Jeff told us about the hikes that are available on the island, as these are some of our best memories! Colombier is absolutely breathtaking, and we spent an incredible afternoon there.

The hike to the natural pools was incredible in itself - we felt like real adventurers! The pools were a wonderful reward to reach at the end of our journey.

The next day was spent soaking up some serious luxury at Cheval Blanc Isle de France. It’s a stunning hotel, and just down the hill from Flamands Blue. It’s definitely worth the splurge to enjoy lunch there and take advantage of their beach loungers for the day.

While on the island, we met some of the members of the SBH online community. They were so friendly and welcoming, and even invited us to their sunset watching “party” at the lighthouse in Gustavia. We felt like we were part of the crew, and can’t wait to be on our 20th trip showing the island around to newbies like us one day!

On our final day, we planned a return visit to Colombier. This time, at Jeff’s recommendation, we booked a trip on a chartered catamaran with Jicky Marine. It was incredible to see Gustavia and Colombier from the perspective of being out in the water, and we had such a blast snorkeling.

There were 3 other couples on the boat with us, and two of them were also honeymooning! We hit it off so well, that we agreed to meet at Baglatelle that night for our send-off party. Again, we had so much fun, and it was a great place to begin and end our trip.

We both agree that the island has some of the best food we’ve ever eaten, and we looked forward to dinner (when we splurged a little more) every day! It was so nice to spend a day at the beach, come home and shower and dress for dinner, while watching the sunset over Flamands from our window. All while enjoying an aperitif, of course!

We ended our trip enjoying yet another fabulous meal, this time at the sandwich shop that Jeff recommended near the airport. It was a perfect ending to a perfect trip.

It was so hard to leave Flamands Blue, and the island, and taking our last photos was bittersweet. It definitely eased the pain to know that we had officially been on our honeymoon, and it was better than we ever imagined. We can’t wait to return the island, and to Flamands Blue, for future special occasions or “just because” getaways.

Jessie and Devin

We've been pretty busy with the new home and jobs, but made a little time time scroll though some photos and post this...

After making a last minute (but easy) decision to return to St. Barts for the 3rd time for our 5-year anniversary, we were ready to have 9 days of fun & relaxation at our favorite spots (and some new ones too!). As usual, Jeff's Flamands Blue was perfect and even boasted some unique upgrades. It's certainly "improved" a little more every time we go!
This year, we did not take quite as many pictures, but focused more on spending time at our favorite beaches and just taking it all in. Here are a few of the ones we did. We certainly had a blast!

It was the 4th of July and so immediately after arrival, I donned on my patriotic bikini and we headed out to St Jean for a late afternoon swim the far side of Eden Roc with some new friends we met on the plane who were staying near there.


We celebrated in style at Andy's and even sang the Star Spangled Banner with some of the few (but loud) Americans and locals joining in, too. We eat healthy back home, but not so much here on vacation.

Devin likes contemplating his view from the villa, especially around sunset before we go out.

It didn't take long for us to venture back out to the natural pools - still our favorite spot in the entire world, then my brave husband climbed up pretty high on the cliff to snap this pic! Actually, we did T-shirt ones too for a contest our gym is having for exotic locations, we'll see.

No fine dining this trip. We absolutely loved the pizza at Les Bananiers. Devin could not help himself with a "pizza shot" to compliment his former burger one from Le Select.

The World Cup was happening during our trip and every restaurant in Gustavia was packed for the event. A pic from the Brazil game at Le Select , where patrons were unusually quiet.

A lot of beaching, mornings at the bakery up the hill, snorkeling and just hanging out this vacation, and it went by quickly. We both tried paddle boarding for the first time which was so much fun. The sea off St. Jean was a little choppy this day, but we had a great time trying not to fall. We definitely recommend trying it if you never have done it before!

Our last day on the island, we met a group of Americans on Gouvenier beach who invited us back to their villa just up the hillside. They had a great infinity pool, so we went for a dip. Gorgeous views!

Last night was back to LesBaniers up from the Villa which has become a favorite.

Hate saying goodbye to one of our other favorite places, Colombier. What an amazing view of all the boats that day!
My one attempt at bringing home a souvenir from St Barts---a HUGE shell we found on Gouvenier. With a tight connection and since we did not check bags we did not have time to go back through security to declare it, so I had to part with it. Sad!!

Each return trip has become a little sweeter as we now are officially "old timers"...
As I'm certain others can relate to, it seems to us that becoming regulars makes the reality of coming home that much harder! But as always, we'll find a way back sooner or later. Friends back home have listened to us talk up our little island and we've resolved invite another couple or two back with us to share Flamands Blue maybe next time. A special thank you to Jeff, Caroline and their Staff for the hospitality.