Caroline & Jeff's Polar Vortex trip!

It’s COLD in Michigan this time of year but right after Christmas we had a string of gloomy days along with just a single January week open at the villa….. Others inquired, but we decided to go ourselves….a very good move!

Weather was perfect of course and it was toes in the sand, here on St Jean Beach in front of the Pearl Beach where we had a nice lunch.

St Jean Beach.jpg

We'd wanted to try this place last trip but ran out of time….so we booked a beautiful afternoon lunch at Hotel Le Toiny over in Grand Cul de Sac….it was gorgeous and the food was excellent, too. We walked the beach and lounged in the pool as well.

Le Toiny.jpg
Le Toiny 2.jpg

We also spend a couple of long afternoons at one of favs the Hotel Manapany on the next bay over from Flamands Blue. We both had massages and I snapped this pic of Caroline waiting for me on the deck afterward just admiring the view.

manapany pool.jpg
Manapany 2.jpg

Our last full day we had a beautiful afternoon swimming here off Shell Beach near the restaurant Shellona.

Such a beautiful setting.

shell .jpg

Caroline & Jeff's November Trip

Just back this week from a fabulous trip to our beautiful island.

The island is in perfect shape and our favorite places are up and running.

Here are a few pics from our trip, first morning coffee on the terrace…contemplating the views with her morning coffee.

A coffee.jpg

Met friends at a nice little place on Flamands Beach——LaLangooste for lunch.

Man 49 (2).jpg

An old, casual favorite down the harbor in Gustavia . It’s been updated with a nicer menu than before.

man aaa (2).jpg

We had a beautiful afternoon at the Hotel Le Barthelemy in Grand Cul de Sac. Nice lunch in the sand and hanging out at the pool afterward., there is a spa and watersports available there as well.

Man 20.jpg

Another favorite for lunch, Santa Fe restaurant with gorgeous ocean views and perhaps the best fish I had this trip.

aaaaaaa (3).jpg

We had lunch here in the Hotel Villa Marie near the villa. Gorgeous dining room and this pool to use afterward, towels included.

Man 34.jpg

We met our villa manager on the left, Diana for a delightful lunch on St Jean Beach with our daughter Heidi (she LOVES St Barts) who flew in to spend the 2nd half of the trip with us.

Man E (2).jpg

The first afternoon it rained so the ladies spent the afternoon shopping in St Jean

Man 15.jpg

Mornings we’re out walking the beach…here at beautiful Saline.

Man 12.jpg

This beach is wild and lovely.

Man cd.jpg

We spent the entire afternoon over at Hotel Manapany on Anse de Cayes, the next bay over from Flamands. Our friend and general manager, Franck had his staff take excellent care of us.

Man bbb 3.jpg

Heidi, Caroline and I all enjoyed spa treatments in the rooms with the ocean waves in the background.

Man EF.jpg

We swam the pool on the ocean, napped, and watched the sailboats off the shore….a perfect afternoon. This photo of a pair of very relaxed ladies after the spa.

Man CC.jpg

We made it a point to visit one of our favorites for dinner.

Man 25.jpg

Last afternoon we did the beach and had a nice lunch and drinks at Nikki Beach on St Jean.

Man 14 (2).jpg

Our last morning as usual we walked “our” beautiful beach at Flamands. We checked in on the Hotel Cheval Blanc which was being completely renovated and opening the next week for the season.


Things worked out. We were on Tradewind via Puerto Rico and Heidi was on Winair through St Maarten and our flights both departed at 230 so we had time for last long and lovely lunch over on Shell Beach at Shellona which was excellent. A great trip!

Man 6 (2).jpg

Colleen and Jim's 2nd St Barts Honeymoon

My husband and I married in September of 1987.  While looking at a Travel and Leisure magazine, my husband stumbled upon an article about a small, beautiful French island somewhere in the Caribbean.  That intrigue led us to choose St Barts for our honeymoon. We did some homework about the island; as much as two twenty somethings could do without the internet, google, email, and the 24-7 world we live in today; and we chose to stay at L’Hibiscus in Gustavia.  We had a wonderful trip. As it is now, September was a quiet month on the island. We were the only guests staying at L’Hibiscus. We visited several beaches, shopped a bit, and spent time exploring the island.

Fast forward thirty-one years – we decided to return to St Barts.  We were excited to visit the island again. We were also curious to see just how different it would be.  We knew that St Barts is now well known as a travel destination, especially during the winter season. We also knew that it is known as a playground for the rich and famous.  We also considered the effects of Hurricane Irma from last year in deciding where to stay.

We stayed in the Flamands area of the island.  The villa we chose was Flamands Blue. We reached out to the owner, Jeff McGrew, in early August.  He promptly answered our questions regarding flight time guidelines between St Maarten and St Barts, mosquitos in the area, and villa amenities such as grills and pools.  The villa has a jacuzzi; not a pool or a hot tub. We found it to be quite nice. The temperature was comfortably warm (not hot) and very roomy for two. It is located a few steps from the master bedroom.

We left Baltimore before the crack of dawn and headed to Miami.  From Miami we flew to St Maarten. Our flights were on time. We arrived in Miami a little after three.  Our flight to St Barts was with St Barth Commuter at 4:15. We felt that was cutting it a little close with the situation of the Princess Julianna Airport in St Maarten.   Consequently, we used the VIP services of Easyway-SBH. We were met in St Maarten by Jerry and in St Barts by Franc. Both men couldn’t have been nicer. They had our boarding passes for us, handled our luggage, and guided us through immigration.  Well worth the cost of the service!

Next stop was the rental car area of the airport.  We rented through Gumbs Car Rental. Odile was the woman we worked with.  We had emailed prior to our trip and had reserved a car. Again, a pleasant non -stressful situation.

We made our way to the villa, Flamands Blue.  Driving was definitely a bit of a surprise. The roads are very narrow with twist and turns.  There are also many steep roads on the island. During our visit we encountered scooters zipping along and many construction vehicles.  The villa manager, Diana, met us there. She showed us around the villa, shared a few helpful hints about restaurants that were currently open, and left us with a lovely tray of fruit, breads, and cheeses.  We also ran into her one afternoon and spent some time talking about our trip, our impressions of the island, and how much the island has changed since our last visit. She was friendly and easy to talk with.

The villa was comfortable and VERY clean.  The upper floor, consisting of kitchen, living room, and powder room, had wonderful views of Flamands Beach.  Sliding glass doors provided lots of natural daylight. There was a grill and table/chairs outside on the wraparound deck. It was relaxing to sit out there and listen to the ocean waves.   We ate most of our breakfasts outside; enjoying both our pastries and the lovely view of the mountainside and Flamands Beach. We usually jumped in the car and drove up the hill to La Petite Colombe Bakery for breakfast goodies and took them back to eat at the villa.  Flamands Blue has air conditioning, which in our opinion is a huge perk! It worked well and was so nice to have. The lower level consisted of the bedrooms and bathrooms. There are three bedrooms. We used one bedroom, since there were only two of us. However, a group could stay there and be comfortable.  We did enjoy the shower in the master bath – a wonderful view. The terrace, where the jacuzzi and lounge chairs are located, is accessed from two of the bedrooms.


One afternoon we walked from the villa to Flamands Beach.  It was an easy walk down to the beach. Not quite as easy on the way back, due to the steepness of the hill.  But we managed with no problem! The waves were fairly strong that day. There is a good deal of construction going on.  Hurricane Irma hit that area hard. The hotel, Cheval Blanc - Isle de France is being rebuilt. It will certainly be beautiful when completed.  Guests of Flamands Blue have access to beach chairs and pool at the hotel in season.


We were able to visit many of the beaches on the island.  They were beautiful. We swam at Flamands, Saline, St Jean, and Gouveneur.  We also drove around the island to visit the other beaches. We stopped at Toiny and Grand Fond.  They are on the eastern, less developed end of the island. We visited Lorient Beach one morning. We were there a short while before a rain shower chased us away, but not until we finished our croissants from La Choisy Boulangerie!  

View during Hike to Colombier Beach

We hiked to Colombier Beach the day of our anniversary.  We packed a picnic lunch. We enjoyed seeing the wild goats and awesome views on the hike.  All the beaches we visited were not crowded. We saw three other people while we were at Columbier.  Traveling during the off season you find fewer people around. However, there are also less restaurants and shops open.  Additionally, it is hurricane season. We knew that would be the case when we visited.


One afternoon we explored the streets of Gustavia; checked out Le Select and Shell Beach, had a great lunch at La Gloriette, hiked to the lighthouse and cross, took numerous pictures, and did a little shopping.  We loved the home store in Public.


We used the kitchen at Flamands Blue for many of our meals.  We found it contained all the necessities: coffee pot, microwave, cookware, and dishwasher.  The maids did a nice job of cleaning the villa. We happened to be there a few times they came; they were friendly, efficient, and pleasant to chat with.  Some of our meals out included breakfast at Le Jardin, dinners at Les Bananiers, and Quartier General. Les Bananiers, which was very close to the villa, had good meals and a comfortable atmosphere.  We enjoyed our dinner at Quartier General; especially the fruit tart and the vanilla rhum!

On the last day of our visit we drove to the area of St Barts where Grand Cul-de-Sac, Petit Cul-de Sac and Marigot are located.  We did not swim or wade at any of these beaches. There is much on-going construction. The effects of Hurricane Irma are evident there.  However, we did take lots of pictures of the beaches and coves.


Our trip to celebrate our 31st anniversary was wonderful.  We had safe travels, no injuries, lovely accommodations, and good weather.  We found the people of St Barts to be welcoming and friendly. We feel fortunate that we were able to make this trip.  It is easy to see why many are return visitors to St Barts. It is a little piece of paradise! We hope to be back.

The island has been busy...

Summer is a great time to come.   The ocean is flatter (better snorkeling) there are fewer Americans, no cruise ships or crowds.   You can go out to one of the secluded beaches and those steps can be just yours.

The weather is about the same with less breeze but the villa is up high and there is almost always at least some there.  Of course Flamands Blue has full AC.

Great rates, to have you,




The Island Now / April 2018

We've had Guests to the villa almost every week since December (mostly repeaters), and we're looking forward to a having more over the spring, summer and fall.

Typically we transfer though St Maarten (SXM) on the way to St Barts but this trip we tried something many of our Guests have raved about, Tradewind, out of Puerto Rico direct to St Barts from (SJU).  It was easy since you don't clear Immigration in PR since it's the US and the service is VIP.   A photo of the executive lounge in SJU. 

St Barts Travel.jpg

Amazing, but St Barts appears almost 90% recovered from the hurricane last fall----it's most parts of the island you would never guess there was storm although some places are still repairing and renovating.

Grocery stores were completely stocked with fresh goods and most restaurants had re-opened.

st barts 2.jpg

Beaches are pristine as usual and careful restoration of the dunes has been happening as well.

st barts 3.jpg

Caroline & Jeff March 2018 trip

We often come this time of year on one of our two or three annual trips to St Barts.  The island was gorgeous as usual.

First morning my wife having coffee with her views as I return from the bakery

March 18 trip 16.jpg

Even though our maintenance staff is great I still look forward to touching up little things. Here replacing the hand deck shower that we and Guests use to was sandy feet from the beach below before entering the villa.

March 18 trip 3.jpg

First "toes in the sand" after breakfast to check one of our favorite beaches.

Caroline beach last day.jpg

Evenings we walked the harbor and dined nearby, beautiful sailboats added to the scene.

March 18 trip 4.jpg

We stopped by for lunch at one our favorite spots at a hotel on the next beach over from Flamands which was just re-opening from renovation.

Our daughter Heidi joined us mid trip and we spent a nice afternoon over on St Jean where we lounged, had lunch and Heidi took a paddleboard out past the reefs.

March 18 trip 18.jpg

Out to see the sailboats, we took a day trip on a beautiful Catamarran.  Lunch, watching the boats, swimming, good wine and music.

March 18 trip 13.jpg

Watching the other sailing yachts up close is always a thrill.

March 18 trip 14.jpg

We spent most of the trip on a regular routine.....breakfast (sometimes lunch) at the villa, beaches out for beautiful dining in the evenings.  Do we ever get tired of returning to the place?  No way

March 18 trip 5.jpg

One of our last afternoons we spent a the entire one over at Shell Beach at a beautiful beachfront restaurant....good food, and nice swims.

March 18 trip 6.jpg

Like a few other days, our last one we hiked to out spectacular Colombier beach....a great way to cap the trip. 

March 18 trip 20.jpg

Caroline & Jeff's post Irma Vacation.

We were looking forward to this trip.  Transfer through St Maarten was easy and as usual we were excited to fly in over the harbor.

December trip 3a.jpg


Flamands Blue had slight damage from the storm, but our excellent staff arranged to have the villa repaired, cleaned, painted top to bottom inside out and it looked like a brand new place!

December trip 4s.jpg
December trip 6a.jpg

Some of the large hotels were not yet opened but all the beaches had been cleaned and were beautiful.

December trip 9a.jpg

We spent a lot of time at the beaches this trip.

December trip 10a.jpg

We walked down the sidewalk to our favorite little pizza place in Flamands. The pizza maker is the best on the island and the thin crust is delicious.

December trip 7a.jpg

For lunch most days we got carry out and just came back to the villa and enjoyed the view.

December trip 14a.jpg

We took a 1/2 day snorkeling trip on Jicky Marine which was beautiful.  

December trip 22a.jpg

This is an excellent operation and we've known the owners for years, they always take great care of our guests.  Our skipper and his assistant this trip were great as usual.

December trip 22aa.jpg

We took advantage of some of the fine dining on the island.  Black Ginger was very good

December trip 17.jpg

Several other favorites such as Le Tamarrin with the beautiful gardens.

December trip 18.jpg

This gorgeous setting is always one of our favorites.

December trip 19.jpg

Whie we were there we added to our night lighting making it even a little more romantic in the gardens near the Jacuzzi off the master suite.

December trip 24.jpg

An excellent week on St Barts!

Great dining, beaches and our a pic our last night in the warm Jacuzzi showing some of the night lights with the along with the full moon rising over the Flamands Hilliside.

Have great trips to our favorite island this season, Jeff & Caroline

December trip 25.jpg



Trundle Family Easter Vacation

We'd wanted to come to St Barts with the family, but did not want to spend a fortune in a hotel, when we found Flamands Blue we knew it would be perfect.  Jeff (and his manager) helped with everything to plan our trip which came off like a dream.

Jeff set us up with a boat rental for the day----we explored this beautiful island from the sea.

The colors of the sea of St Barts were so beautiful they looked fake!

Trundle 5.png

We followed Jeff's instructions and hiked all over the island as well.   This one was out to the natural pools. Kids and parents LOVED it!

The villa was perfect in every way, even though we did not spend a whole lot of time there.

This was our favorite lunch----Jeff's friend's place called Santa Fe....Gorgeous views to go along with the dining.

Just a perfect St Barth vacation, we'll definitely return and tell friend's, too.

Caroline, Jeff and Heidi's trip: March 2017

A few photos from yet another memorable one!  For our God-daughter, Heidi it's her 7th trip, she tells us she is "completely hooked" on St Barts!

First day, my wife Caroline and Heidi heading off to their spa appointment.

st barts rental villa before the spa.jpg

Caroline later in the trip at the Cheval Blanc Spa down from the villa with her favorite person.

st barts rental villa spa.jpg

This was such a great time, we spent the afternoon with friends (along with new ones) on a Catamarran ride, swimming, eating, paddle boarding and as you can see here the ladies dancing.

st barts how to have fun.jpeg

This was such a great time, we spent the afternoon with friends (along with new ones) on a Catamarran ride, swimming, eating, paddle boarding and as you can see here the ladies dancing.

st barts rental villa beach day.jpg

We had a beautiful lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon by the gorgeous pool at the new hotel, Le Barthelemy on Grand Cul de Sac.    It's one of the most beautiful settings on the island and the staff here is tops.  Diana, closest in the photo is our Villa Manager and came along with us this nice afternoon.

st barts rental villa pool.jpeg

This was yet another great lunch after a morning on Gouvanier Beach we went back up on the hillside for an outstanding lunch at Santa Fe with views to die for

st barts rental villa lunch.jpeg
st barts rental villa lunch al fresco.jpg

Our next open full open week is June 26 –- Summer is great on St Barts, uncrowded, very European...we also have a few days open at the end of May. Contact me for details! 


Jenn & Ben's Christmas/New Years' Trip 2017

We took a needed break from our busy medical research careers to have a 2 week trip to St Barts over the holidays.   It was our 2nd time to this beautiful island.  First trip,  we met Jeff when we arrived in St Maarten, trying to find our flight to St Barth when the airport was being re-configured---for a pair of tired travelers it was not something we could navigate.  Jeff introduced himself,  guided us through immigration, baggage, customs and to our flight like a personal assistant.  We stayed at a nice hotel but knew next trip we'd like a private villa...he may have not remembered that he gave us a card 5 years prior.  We checked the Flamands Blue website and knew that it was exactly where we wanted to have this vacation.

Since the villa was has two separate suites we invited our very good friends to come with us for week in the middle of our trip.    They loved it!

seda 19.JPG

It was fun to show them about what was becoming "our" island.

We did the beaches.

We spent time just hanging out---in this case over pre-dinner drinks.

Fine at Eden Roc

Danced in Gustavia to great music on the harbor.

We hiked all over the island but found the views off the natural pools such a gorgeous place to be.

Along with plenty of "romantique" time to remember this trip, and plan our next one.

The villa, staff, and location were perfect!  We'll definitely be back....